Moving Premises

If you are moving premises then you will need to arrange a brand new gas supply contract.  You’ll also need to to ensure that you have informed your existing supplier of your move, and agreed a final meter reading with them. Under ‘change of tenancy’ regulations, gas contracts automatically terminate when you leave your old premises and cannot be transferred.

The existing gas supplier at your new premises will continue to supply gas to you but this will be on ‘deemed contract rates’ which can be more than double or even triple the market rate.  The problem will often only become apparent when the first invoice arrives from the supplier, which could be several months later.

To avoid these potentially expensive issues, please contact us on 0330 400 4444 or email immediately so we can make your move as smooth as possible. We will need the following information from you:

For Existing Customers

  1. The date of your move
  2. The address of the new property
  3. A meter reading on (or close to) your move-in date at your new premises
  4. Any meter details for the new property (meter number/serial number)
  5. Lease agreement/ ownership documents (if applicable)
  6. Name and contact number of the landlord (if applicable)

As soon as we have this information, we’ll ensure that you are switched to a competitive Opal tariff as quickly as possible at your new premises and avoid deemed contract rates. We’ll also help you finalise any issues with your previous supplier.

For New Customers

Please give us a call on 0300 400 4444 or contact us as soon as possible.