Deemed Contract Rates

The UK legislation covering the supply of gas stipulates that when an individual takes over the responsibility of a property, they’re deemed to have entered into an agreement with the registered supplier of that property. This means that the supplier is required to provide gas to the customer who is required to pay for that gas at the suppliers’ published rates until a new contract has been negotiated. More details about this can be found here.

The price that the customer on a deemed contract will pay is based on our current deemed contract policy and procedure. The deemed price will generally be revised on the 1st April and the 1st October each year and published on our website.


The current deemed contract price includes:

  • A daily standing charge to cover all 3rd party transmission distribution and metering costs;
  • A daily administration charge to cover additional expense and risks associated with supplying customers on deemed contract terms; and
  • A unit rate applied in pence/kWh to each actual or estimated unit supplied.


Our current deemed rates are as follows:


Where a meter at a site is not read immediately before the time at which the customer took responsibility for a site, Opal reserves the right to estimate the quantity of gas supplied to the site (based upon the data it holds) until the time that the meter is read or the customer ceases to take supply of the gas.

If you’re currently on deemed rates call 0300 400 4444 to negotiate a better gas price for your business.

Terms and conditions relating to deemed contracts are available on request.

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Out-of-Contract Rates

If you give us notice that you don’t wish to renew your contract, you’ll be charged for your gas at the standard Out-of-Contract rates from the date your current fixed term period ends until the date you switch to another supplier or agree a new contract with us.

Our current gas Out-of-Contract rates are the same as our deemed rates.

If you’re currently on Out-of-Contract rates call us on 0300 400 4444 to negotiate a better gas price for your business.