Automated Meter Reads

Automated Meter Reading (AMR) is a new technological development that allows reliable and accurate billing based on actual meter reads. This provides energy consumption information to show you exactly how much energy is being used and when. Any questions you may have please Contact Us or email us at


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How does it work?

We’ll supply an AMR device which sits on or next to your gas meter. This device records the volume of gas passing through the meter and regularly transmits its recordings by way of SMS to a central database for billing and analysis.


How does it benefit your business?

  • Consistency.
    Data is automatically sent between your business and ours, eliminating any shortfalls in data collection;
  • Accuracy.
    Your gas bills are based on actual readings, giving you more control over forecasting and budgeting;
  • Convenience.
    Meter readings are collected remotely, saving you time and hassle;
  • Knowledge.
    As an AMR gas user, you can access our online monitoring tools 24/7 enabling you to manage your gas in a more informed and intelligent way; and
  • Control.
    You are able to set daily alerts sent to a mobile phone or e-mail as a way of controlling your gas costs and consumption



Frequently Asked Questions

How will my AMR equipment be installed?

You will be contacted by our gas AMR provider to arrange the installation date of the gas AMR device. You will then be contacted by an engineer on the date of the installation.

Will my supply be disrupted during the installation?

In the majority of cases, there will be no disruption to install the gas AMR device.

Have you experienced any delays during installation?

Most installations are quite straightforward, so delays are rare. Sometimes, things like gaining access, network defects and signal strength can hold up the work. Occasionally, some gas meters will not be suitable and may need to be exchanged.

How much will it cost?

Our customer services team is on hand to run through your monthly charges and associated benefits.

What kind of reports will I be able to see?

You’ll be able to access graphical reports showing your gas consumption over the previous day, week, month or year. You will also be able to export all of your consumption/cost data into an excel spreadsheet for further analysis.